Private label clothing manufacturing for fast-growing fashion brands

Our manufacturing service is ideal for fashion brands seeking optimization and speed in their supply chain. With a very flexible MOQ and our proximity to the USA, our manufacturing service is up to 4 times faster than Asian, and our product development process can be completed in less than 2 days.

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3D Clothing render of a green women t-shirt with puffed sleeve

3D Design for faster and more profitable collections

As private label clothing manufacturers, we place a high value on speed. We understand that today's fashion market moves faster than ever, and with our 3D technology, we can respond to specific design needs in less than 8 hours. Our technology allows us to create hyper-realistic models that can be modified in real-time, enabling you to try out different fabrics, colors, and sizes for your garments.

Just 3 simple steps:

1. Designs definition

First of all, we need to know what you need. To make it easier, go to our contact page and fill out the form, Someone from our team will respond to you and ask for more information.

Typically, we ask for some reference images and production estimates before scheduling an exploration call.

At the end of this stage, we will have a clear idea of the designs you need, and we will provide you with a custom price estimate to move forward.

2. Samples Development

We start by creating 3D samples of the design ideas, which can be done within a matter of hours. With these 3D models, we will work with you to define the final design.

Using the 3D technology, we can also estimate the fabric consumption and sewing time, and determine the final price per unit for the manufacturing process.

By the end of this stage, we will have all the tech packs, patterns, physical samples and engineering of each garment ready to proceed with manufacturing.

3. Manufacturing

When the samples and prices are approved, we begin with sourcing the materials.

This process can take anywhere from 5 to 30 days as we carefully source all the necessary raw materials.

Once the materials are verified, we proceed with cutting the pieces and sending them to the sewing factories.

Once the clothing is complete, our Quality Assurance team reviews each garment to ensure it meets our high standards before approving it for packaging and shipping to your desired location.

Know what we can create for your brand

All you need to create fashion collections

Our private label clothing manufacturing service is a full-service clothing manufacturing solution that covers all the necessary processes to create a fashion collection.

We can start from a specific need or conduct research on trends and markets to provide you with the best design ideas. With over 15 years of experience in this field, we have worked with some of the largest fashion retailers in Latin America.

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Fashion factory operations inphographic about Full Package service. From Coolhunting, design and sampling to sourcing, manufacturing and worldwide logistics.

Fashion Product development from scratch

We are a fashion laboratory, which means we are capable of making almost all design ideas industriable. Using 3D and physical samples, our design team works closely with you to create custom garments that meet your requirements with the best appearance and quality.

We specialize in women's fast fashion, but we have also developed products for other categories such as men's and kids' clothing, as well as other industries such as health and industrial equipment.

Flexible, responsible and high quality manufacturing capacity.

Our low and flexible minimum order quantity (MOQ) makes us an excellent choice for both established and fast-growing fashion brands. While our typical order size ranges from 2,000 to 3,000 units per style and color, we can also fulfill smaller orders starting from just 50 units per style and color, as well as larger orders as required.

Our manufacturing partners undergo frequent audits by our Quality Assurance Team (QA) to ensure compliance with labor laws and ethical standards. We also conduct thorough inspections of all garments before they leave the factory to ensure their quality and consistency.

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If you have questions...

Check our Frequently Asked Questions, or if you prefer, go directly to our contact page

See all FAQ's

What type of apparel do you manufacture?

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We specialize in female upper body fashion, all types of blouses, crop tops, bodysuits, dresses, T-shirts, shirts, etc.

What is your production lead time?

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On average, we deliver between 25 and 45 days after P.O confirmation, however, these lead times may vary according to the specific needs of each client, and raw material supply.

What is your MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)

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Our standard MOQ is typically 300 units per style or color, but we also offer a low minimum quantity clothing manufacturing service that can accommodate as few as 50 units per style, or even less. Feel free to reach out to us to learn more about this option.

What's the average cost of garments?

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Prices may vary depending on the type of garment, design complexity, raw materials, quantity of units, urgency, and other factors. Typically, we work with target prices provided by our clients, but we understand that each client has unique needs and can offer a customized pricing model to accommodate them.

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