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GRUPO ARANGO TESSONE S.A.S. (hereinafter referred to as "GAT") is a company incorporated under Colombian laws, identified with Tax ID Number 900553718-7, and based in the city of Cali, Colombia. GAT manages and operates the website  through which it displays, offers, and markets design and manufacturing services for garments to Users/Consumers who purchase products and/or services through the website.

Through this COOKIE POLICY (hereinafter referred to as "Cookie Policy"), Users/Consumers who have a relationship with GRUPO ARANGO TESSONE S.A.S. are informed about the treatment of cookies on its website and the personal information collected and stored by them.

Likewise, this Cookie Policy strictly complies with the authorization for Personal Data Processing of Users of GRUPO ARANGO TESSONE S.A.S., which can be found at the following web address: 


This Cookie Policy identifies the type of cookies used on the website of GRUPO ARANGO TESSONE S.A.S. and the purpose for which they will be used.


Personal data: Any information related to identified or identifiable natural persons.

Personal data database: An organized set of personal data that is subject to processing by a natural or legal person.

Cookies: Files that collect information about the browsing habits and consumer preferences of a User/Consumer on the website of GRUPO ARANGO TESSONE S.A.S. and may eventually form a database. The Cookies are retrieved and stored by GRUPO ARANGO TESSONE S.A.S. to analyze the activities and preferences of Users/Consumers. Through the retrieved information, GRUPO ARANGO TESSONE S.A.S. can identify how to improve the service offered.

Electronic Commerce: It encompasses the sending, transmission, receipt, and storage of data messages via electronic means. Any doubts arising regarding the effectiveness and validity of data messages and other activities related to electronic commerce shall be interpreted in accordance with Law 527 of 1999.

Website: A series of interconnected files or web pages identified by the same domain name, which can be accessed by anyone using an internet browser. The GAT website is located at the following web address:

Data messages: Information generated, sent, received, stored, or communicated by electronic, optical, or similar means, such as Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), the Internet, email, telegram, telex, or fax (Law 527 of 1999, Article 2, literal (a)).

Personal data subject: Natural person whose data is being processed. In the context of this Cookie Policy, the data subjects may be: (i) Subscribers/Clients of the platform; (ii) Contractors; (iii) Suppliers; (iv) any individuals not affiliated with GRUPO ARANGO TESSONE S.A.S. whose personal data is being processed.

Processing: Any operation or set of operations performed on Personal Data, such as collection, storage, use, circulation, or deletion.

Users/Consumers: Any natural person who, as the end recipient, uses the website to request the acquisition of products and/or services displayed, offered, and marketed through it.

Web Beacon: Images inserted on a website or email that allow monitoring of the behavior of a website visitor, store information about the User/Consumer's IP address, determine the duration of their interaction on the site, and the type of browser used.


GRUPO ARANGO TESSONE S.A.S. uses the following Cookies on its website:

Session Cookies: Cookies that collect information regarding the access and use of the website while the User/Consumer is browsing and are only retained during the browsing session.

Persistent Cookies: Cookies that are stored for a limited time in the User/Consumer's browser, even after they have finished browsing the website.

Technical Cookies: Essential cookies for the effective functioning of the website.

Functional Cookies: Cookies that store the preferences set by Users/Consumers and are necessary for properly providing the services requested by them. For example, information such as the User/Consumer's preferred language, usual shipping address, etc., is stored.

Analytical Cookies: Cookies that allow understanding the browsing behavior of visitors on the website, as well as recording the content they view and are interested in. The purpose of using these Cookies is to improve the service offered to Users/Consumers.

Social Cookies: Cookies that allow offering functionalities related to social networks (Facebook, Google, and Twitter) by enabling and controlling their interaction with social widgets on the website of GRUPO ARANGO TESSONE S.A.S.

Advertising Cookies: Cookies that collect information about the preferences and choices of the User/Consumer to offer them advertising related to their interests on the website.

Identification Cookies: Cookies that identify visitors to the website as Users/Consumers and establish matches with the personal data included in our files to send relevant personal communications.


Security: Cookies and similar technologies are used to make User/Consumer interactions with the website faster and more secure. This helps detect suspicious or fraudulent activity with the User/Consumer's account visiting the website.

Authentication: Cookies and similar technologies are used to recognize and identify the User/Consumer when they visit the website.

Personalization: Cookies and similar technologies are used to personalize the User/Consumer's experience when visiting the website. For example, Cookies are used to remember previous searches so that when the User/Consumer revisits the website, additional information related to their previous search can be offered.

Preferences: Cookies are used to remember information about the User/Consumer's browser and preferences.

Advertising: Cookies and similar technologies are used to display relevant advertising to the User/Consumer, both within and outside the website, and to measure the performance of advertisements. They are also used to obtain more information about the performance of the website, the services offered through it, and plugins in different locations.

Performance, Analysis, and Research: Cookies and similar technologies are used to gather more information about the performance of the website and the services offered through it, as well as plugins in different locations. They are used for internal studies on the interests, behaviors, and demographics of Users/Consumers to better understand their needs and interests, improve GRUPO ARANGO TESSONE S.A.S.'s business and promotional initiatives, personalize content, presentation, and services, and display advertising or promotions, banners of interest to Users/Consumers.

It is clarified that in the event of the collection of Personal Data through the use of Cookies on the website, such Personal Data will be processed only in accordance with the purposes and guiding principles established in the Privacy Policy of GRUPO ARANGO TESSONE S.A.S. and the Authorization for the Processing of Personal Data of Users of GRUPO ARANGO TESSONE S.A.S., which can be found at the following web addresses: 


Users/Consumers have the option to delete, restrict, or block the use of Cookies on the website of GRUPO ARANGO TESSONE S.A.S. or any other website or web page. Cookies can be controlled through the browser; however, each browser has its own operational way of controlling Cookies.

Below are the different types of browsers, and by clicking on each one, you will find the option to control Cookies:

It is clarified that the use of Cookies allows GRUPO ARANGO TESSONE S.A.S. to provide the User/Consumer with a better experience when visiting the website and accessing the services offered therein. If changes are made to the Cookie settings, GRUPO ARANGO TESSONE S.A.S. does not guarantee the proper functioning of the different functionalities of its website.


Users/Consumers who wish to make any inquiries about the use of Cookies on the website can contact:


In order to continuously improve the website, it is clarified that this Cookie Policy may be updated. Therefore, Users/Consumers are recommended to periodically review it to stay informed of any changes.

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