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For over 15 years, our Full Service Custom Clothing Manufacturing service has helped some of Latin America's biggest retailers to produce faster and more profitable fashion collections. Our very flexible MOQ makes it possible for us to support a diverse range of needs, whether you're an independent fashion brand, a big fashion retailer, a wholesaler, or even a fashion startup from anywhere in the world.

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From ideas to real garments

We handle all processes of clothing manufacturing, from trend research and design to sourcing, manufacturing, and global logistics. However, our services are basically divided into two stages:

Product Development

Tell us what you need, which could be a specific product, photo, or drawing, or we can research trends and markets for you. This insight will be turned into design ideas that will evolve into 3D clothes, and finally physical samples of your ideas with clear pricing and everything needed for manufacturing.

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Clothing Manufacturing

When samples are approved, we source and verify all the raw materials needed to manufacture the clothes. We cut, sew, handle different embellishment processes, and finally, our Quality Assurance Team check each garment before packaging and shipping it wherever you need it.

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Fashion factory operations inphographic about Full Package service. From Coolhunting, design and sampling to sourcing, manufacturing and worldwide logistics.

We are Full Service Custom Clothing Manufacturers

We offer a complete range of services for clothing manufacturing, including trend research, digital and physical sample design, raw material supply, manufacture, quality control, and logistics management. Our global network allows us to manage all aspects of production, making it easy for you to get the clothes you need. Over the past 15+ years, we have employed this model with some of the biggest fashion retailers in Latin America

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We can turn your ideas into digital clothes within less than 24 hours.

Through 3D clothing technology, we can create digital samples in a matter of hours, allowing you to test different fabrics, colors, and even check the fit of each piece before moving forward to physical samples. 3D technology can cut down the design approval time by up to 80%. Once approved, we can create and ship physical samples in less than two weeks, which is up to three times faster than traditional clothing manufacturers.

Product Development
3D model of a fashion crop top, made by GAT Fashion Lab

AI Powered Design

We are building one of the largest fashion datasets to optimize the generation of fashion designs through generative artificial intelligence. Currently, we utilize AI to produce better, faster, and more creative unique initial design ideas. With the aid of AI, our design team has no limits. In fact, we are developing our own generative model specialized in fashion to enhance the productivity and creativity of fashion designers and entrepreneurs.

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These are some of the products we make

We specialize in female upper body fashion: Bodysuits, blouses, shirts, dresses, etc. We design, prototype, and manufacture basic, classic, and trendy apparel, with 100% industrialized designs. We have also developed collections for men, kids, and even medical and industrial apparel.

Crop Tops

Are you looking for a low minimum clothing manufacturer?

At GAT Fashion Lab, we've combined our industry experience with the latest technology to create, a platform dedicated to meeting the needs of growing independent brands. With Aparel, you can develop as few as 20 units per reference and manage your entire supply chain from your mobile phone, making it easy to grow your business and increase profitability

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Know more about our services

Find out more about the answers to frequently asked questions about our manufacturing services.

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Do you only manufacture female apparel?

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We do specialize in female fashion, however, according to your needs we could develop proposals for different customers. In the female category we specialize in female upper body fashion, all types of blouses, crop tops, bodysuits, dresses, T-shirts, shirts, etc.

What is your production lead time?

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Everything depends, principally, on the design inputs and the raw material sourcing, but here is an estimate: 

Design: If you give us the designs or specific needs, we can create digital samples in as little as 24 hours. Designing from scratch can take anywhere from 5 to 20 days. 

Development: For physical samples, we can take up to 2 days to 14 days, depending on the raw materials sourcing. 

Production: from 14 to 45 days, depending on the raw material sourcing

What is your MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)

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Our standard MOQ is typically 300 units per style or color, but we also offer a low minimum quantity clothing manufacturing service that can accommodate as few as 50 units per style, or even less. Feel free to reach out to us to learn more about this option.

What's the average cost of garments?

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Prices may vary depending on the type of garment, design complexity, raw materials, quantity of units, urgency, and other factors. Typically, we work with target prices provided by our clients, but we understand that each client has unique needs and can offer a customized pricing model to accommodate them.

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