Faster and more profitable collections from 300 units per style/color

For more than 15 years we've helped some of Latin America's largest retailers to maximize their resources through our Full Package Service.

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3D model of a fashion crop top, made by GAT Fashion Lab

We transform ideas into digital garments within less than 24 hours

We are pioneering the use of 3D technology within design and development processes. We create our digital samples in a matter of hours, thus reducing design approval times in up to 80% and cutting down all excess costs concerning sample development and logistics.

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We've globally integrated the whole supply chain with our Full Package Service

Trend research, digital and physical sample design, raw material supply, manufacture, quality and logistics management for the whole production anywhere in the world. We manage all processes to facilitate fashion collections production.

What is Full Package?
Fashion factory operations inphographic about Full Package service. From Coolhunting, design and sampling to sourcing, manufacturing and worldwide logistics.

Products and Services

We specialize in female upper body fashion. We design, prototype, and manufacture from basic and classic up to trendy apparel, with 100% industrialized designs.

Crop Tops

Are you looking to manufacture less than 300 units per reference?

In GAT Fashion Lab we've put together all our experience in the industry with the best technology, and we created, a platform dedicated to respond to the needs of growing independent brands. Apparel allows you to develop from 12 units per reference, manage all your supply chain and make your business more profitable from the comfort of your mobile phone.

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What type of apparel do you manufacture?

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We specialize in female upper body fashion, all types of blouses, crop tops, bodysuits, dresses, T-shirts, shirts, etc.

Do you work with knitted and woven fabric

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Yes, we work with both.

What is your production lead time?

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On average, we deliver between 25 and 45 days after P.O confirmation, however, these lead times may vary according to the specific needs of each client, and raw material supply.

How long does it take to develop a new design?

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From the trend research, a development, takes us about 15 and 20 days, however, with very specific developments and clear needs we can even respond within 24 hours.

Do you perform design proposals or must they be provided by the client?

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We have specialized teams in trend research and proposal development, with our clients’ needs always at the core. We also have the ability to carry out developments of proposals provided by our clients, all our teams are focused on developing the most convenient solutions for our clients, in a tailor-made manner.

Do you only manufacture female apparel?

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We do specialize in female fashion, however, according to your needs we could develop proposals for different customers.

What is your MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)

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300 units per style or color. If you want to do less please click here

What's the average cost of garments?

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Prices may vary depending of our clients apparel categories, needs and requirements. Generally speaking, we work from client-provided purchase target prices, however, we understand that all our clients are different and we can adapt to the most convenient model in a tailor-made manner.

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