Proven track record of success in partnering with influential figures in the Latin American fashion retail industry for over 15 years

In the recent years, we have collaborated with a variety of companies, including fashion brands and department stores, to assist them in achieving their goals in the women's fashion sector through our clothing manufacturing services. Know some of our top customers:

STF Group

+ 400 stores in Colombia, Panama, Chile and Mexico

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Arturo Calle

+ 100 stores in Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala.

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+ 100 stores in Colombia, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic and Ecuador.

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+75 stores in Colombia

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+240 stores in Chile, Peru, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay

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(Grupo éxito) + 500 stores in Colombia, Uruguay and Argentina

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Our flexible MOQ can start with as little as 50 units per style and color, and even fewer

We are well-suited to serving fast growing and established brands. Our top customers typically produce around 2,000 units per style, and we have also completed orders of over 10,000 units. Our manufacturing capabilities are highly flexible and have been trusted by major brands with strict quality standards. Imagine all that we can do for you.

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Do you produce fewer than 300 units per style?

At GAT Fashion Lab, we have used our expertise in the fashion industry and the most advanced technology to develop, a platform specifically designed to support independent brands. With Aparel, you can create as few as 20 units of each item and manage your entire supply chain from your smartphone, making it easier to grow your business and improve your profits.

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