Terms and Conditions

1. GENERAL ASPECTSGRUPO ARANGO TESSONE S.A.S. is a company established in accordance with Colombian laws, identified with 900553718-7, domiciled in the city of Santiago de Cali, which for the purposes of these Terms and Conditions of Use of the gat.com.co Platform (hereinafter referred to as "Terms and Conditions") shall be referred to as "GAT".

2. DEFINITIONSPersonal Data: Any information that allows the identification or making identifiable of a natural person.

GAT Platform: A virtual platform where products and/or services are exhibited, offered, and marketed for purchase by Users/Consumers.

Data Subject: Natural person whose Personal Data is subject to Processing.

Processing: Any operation or set of operations performed on Personal Data, such as collection, storage, use, circulation, or erasure.

User/Consumer: Natural or legal person who, as the end recipient, uses the GAT Platform to acquire the products and/or services exhibited, offered, and marketed by GRUPO ARANGO TESSONE S.A.S.

Design Service: Service of clothing ideation. Trend research, creation of mood boards, research on references and competitors, resulting in design proposals. Usually sold with product development or included as consultancy in full-package and private label services.

Development Service: Service for pattern design (molds), digital and physical samples, engineering calculations, time and motion studies, and production costing. This service converts design ideas into manufacturable garments. As part of a full-package service, it does not include the delivery of editable files such as patterns or 3D; these must be requested and paid for separately. If sold as a product development service, it includes these files.

Sourcing: The process of sourcing and requesting raw materials such as fabrics, labels, buttons, threads, or any type of input. It can be 100% operated by GAT, partially or 100% operated by the User/Consumer, who is responsible for managing all raw materials and sending them to GAT's logistics center in the city of Cali, Colombia, or as otherwise agreed.

Storage Fee: Depending on production volumes, type of service, and other negotiated terms with each client, GAT may charge a monthly fee for the use of its warehouse, whether for storing raw materials and supplies or finished products.

Marker Making: Process of pattern layout and marker printing.

Cutting: Process of fabric spreading and cutting of the garment pieces for subsequent ticketing and/or assembly.

Production: Manufacturing (sewing) of the previously cut garments.

Embellishment Processes: Processes such as printing, appliques, sublimation, rhinestones, among others. They can be localized processes, full-area processes, or rolls as required. Some of these processes are subject to minimum quantities.

Quality Audit: Process to ensure the quality of garments through assurance of different production stages. It includes the final product audit, which depends on the production volume and negotiation terms.

Logistics: Final packaging and preparation for transportation. We are not logistics operators; we connect with freight forwarders.

Digital Samples: Digital prototypes of requested garments. Usually, design renders are delivered or 3D files are shared live for annotations, adjustments, and relevant corrections prior to physical sample production.

Renders: Photorealistic images in .jpg or .png format of the designs in 3D.

Physical Samples: Physical prototypes of garments. They are produced after the approval of digital samples. They are made before production and require approval to initiate production. The purpose of these samples is to have a representation identical to the final production garments.

Shipping Sample: A sample from the production. One garment is selected from a completed production and sent to the User/Consumer for approval. Once approved, the complete production is dispatched (subject to payment confirmation).

Brand Inputs: Elements such as labels, tags, packaging, stamps, washing instructions, buttons, or any unique and differentiating element of the brand. These are generally provided by the User/Consumer; if GAT is requested to develop them, it will be charged separately.

Reference: Internal code assigned to each design; each reference corresponds to a unique design. Design changes mainly involve modifications in silhouette and raw materials. A garment in two colors is considered a single reference.

Units: The number of garments, usually referred to as units per reference (Size/Color), which corresponds to the number of units to be manufactured for a unique design. Some services are subject to a minimum unit requirement.

Order Size: Refers to the number of references and units per reference (Size/Color). An order may consist of multiple references, and each reference may consist of several units.

MOQ: Minimum Order Quantity is an acronym used to summarize the minimum quantity of an order.

Size Curve: It refers to the distribution of units per size, indicating how many units will be manufactured in each size. Productions are typically delivered in multiple sizes (S, M, L), and this distribution should be indicated by each client.

Size Chart: It represents the different measurements of the garment in each size. These measurements should be provided by each User/Consumer, who can request a standard size chart if they have their own measurements.

Patterns: These are the construction blueprints of each garment piece. They are not delivered to any client and are not included in any service unless specifically requested and paid for separately.

Sizing, Fit, or Fitting: The activity of measuring a garment on a fit model. This activity is not included in any service unless explicitly requested and agreed upon before starting the work. Depending on the needs of each User/Consumer, the inclusion of this activity may be suggested.

Counter Sample: A sample made in response to an adjustment or change requested by a client.

Reproduction: Requesting a new production of a design that has already been manufactured by GAT.

3. OBJECTThese Terms and Conditions regulate the authorization granted by GAT to Users/Consumers to access the GAT Platform, obtain information about the products and services exhibited, offered, and marketed by GRUPO ARANGO TESSONE S.A.S., and make purchases through the GAT Platform.

4. ACCEPTANCE OF TERMS AND CONDITIONSBy registering on the GAT Platform, the User/Consumer voluntarily and priorly accepts the content of these Terms and Conditions in their entirety, and thus irrevocably commits to them.

The natural or legal person accepting these Terms and Conditions declares and guarantees to be the User/Consumer who will use the GAT Platform and its services.

5. OPERATION OF THE GAT PLATFORM AND OFFERED SERVICESThe GAT Platform is a virtual platform where GRUPO ARANGO TESSONE S.A.S. exhibits, offers, and markets design and manufacturing services for garments, primarily under the following formats:

Full Package:Service of Design, Development, Sourcing, Cutting, Production, and Logistics of garments. It has variable minimums that can start at 12 units depending on the design. This service covers all stages of collection development from design to manufacturing.

It is customized for each User/Consumer and can include all services or a part of them. It does not have a standard price or time frame as it depends on the specific needs of each User/Consumer.

This service does not include editable digital files such as patterns or 3D; however, they can be requested and paid for separately.

Product Development:Service for developing garment prototypes, including pattern making, digital and physical samples. In this service, the User/Consumer can provide the raw materials and supplies, or GAT's team can manage the sourcing. This service provides printable pattern and sample files (if requested), technical specifications, and editable files, which may incur additional charges. It requires submitting defined designs and approving digital samples.

Private Label: Contract manufacturing service using existing designs. It consists of a catalog of designs from which the User/Consumer can select their desired designs for manufacturing, starting from 12 units per design. All designs can be personalized with brand inputs and embellishment processes, subject to additional charges.

Logistics:GAT is not a logistics operator and does not provide transportation or freight services. However, depending on the needs and requirements of each User/Consumer, GAT can act as an intermediary between the User/Consumer and freight forwarding companies for sample, input, raw material, or finished garment shipments. Once a product is dispatched, it is solely the responsibility of the transportation company, and necessary insurance policies will be contracted, which will be the responsibility of the User/Consumer.

Storage and Management of Raw Materials and Supplies:GAT may provide storage services for raw materials and supplies to Users/Consumers interested in demand-driven models or quick reprogramming. In these cases, a storage fee will be charged based on the number of items to be stored. This is the only available option for quick response to reprogramming requests.

6. DELIVERY TIMESAll service times are variable and depend solely on the specific needs of each User/Consumer, which are defined individually. The following data is provided as estimates for reference purposes only and should not be considered as standard or obligatory delivery times from GAT. Times may vary depending on raw material sourcing, design complexity, production volume, and order size.

Raw Material Sourcing: Sourcing for samples takes longer than for production due to smaller quantities. Sourcing can be operated by the User/Consumer and depends mainly on the location of suppliers. Delivery times can range from 5 to 14 business days for suppliers located in Colombia and 30-45 business days for suppliers located outside of Colombia. If there are customization processes such as fabric printing or manufacturing of special inputs, and depending on the production volume, delivery times may be longer.

Development of Digital Samples: This process can take between 3 and 10 business days. It primarily depends on the complexity of the design and the workload of the 3D Design team. This service can be expedited to be delivered within one or two business days maximum, but it incurs additional costs. This time estimate is for a single design. When multiple designs are requested, such as 10 or 20 designs, these times increase and can range from 15 to 25 business days. These times are agreed upon and communicated with each User/Consumer.

Development of Physical Samples: The duration of this process is variable and depends mainly on the sourcing of raw materials. Once all raw materials and supplies have arrived at the GAT distribution center, the production of a sample takes between 10 and 15 business days. When multiple samples are involved, these times can range from 15 to 25 business days. The duration of this process, in addition to the sourcing process, depends on the production workload of the development department, which typically has a lead time of 5 days.

Sample Approval and Adjustments: Prior to production, it is mandatory for each User/Consumer to approve the samples in order to proceed with the process. For virtual samples, this is a quick process that can be completed within hours. For physical samples, the duration depends on the location of each User/Consumer and the time required for shipping. In the case of adjustments, the duration depends on their complexity and the availability of raw materials and supplies.

Production: Production lead times are variable and depend mainly on the order size and sourcing of raw materials. The times will be informed and agreed upon with each User/Consumer. Once all inputs and raw materials are sourced, the manufacturing and quality audit of a production can take between 15 and 45 business days, or even longer depending on the requirements of each User/Consumer.

Logistics: Logistics delivery times (exports and last mile) depend solely on the cargo and transportation agency with which the service is contracted. GAT is not a logistics operator; it only acts as an intermediary. GAT cannot be considered responsible for any loss, delay, or inconvenience related to logistics. Estimated delivery times can be obtained directly from logistics providers' websites, considering that the shipments originate from Cali, Colombia.

7. QUALITY POLICIES, REPROGRAMMING, AND WARRANTYQuality (Measurement, Durability, and Appearance) is a variable characteristic according to the specific needs of each User/Consumer and should be communicated before proceeding with any service. There is a direct relationship between quality and price. The higher the requested quality, the higher the associated cost, as it will require more care and time for garment production.

Reasons for requesting adjustments or changes:

  • Differences between a sample and the final garments.
  • Quality defects in manufacturing.
  • Quality issues with raw materials provided or managed by GAT.
  • Invalid reasons for requesting adjustments or changes:
  • Changes in the design after approving a sample.
  • Changes in raw materials and supplies after approving samples.
  • Problems with inputs provided by the User/Consumer, such as labels, tags, packaging, etc.

Design Samples:The purpose of samples is to have a prototype that represents the final garment design, materials, and inputs. The first format of sample used at GAT is digital (3D). With a digital sample, the focus is on validating the silhouette and design. These digital samples include a maximum of 5 adjustments. Changes refer to drastic modifications to the garment's silhouette; changes in color are not considered adjustments.

Regarding physical samples, each sample includes an option for a counter sample. These counter samples must be requested and have the same estimated production time as a regular sample. The maximum number of changes within a physical sample is also 5. Depending on the complexity of the change, it may be considered a complete design change and additional charges may apply.

The purpose of physical counter samples is to achieve the final product according to the needs of each User/Consumer. If an additional counter sample is required after going through digital samples and a physical sample, an additional fee will be charged, which may be equivalent to starting a new design from scratch.

If it can be demonstrated that new physical samples are needed due to defects in manufacturing or raw materials, GAT will proceed to manufacture them. This does not apply when raw materials are provided by the User/Consumer.

All shipments of samples, counter samples, and even samples for which GAT is responsible for re-manufacturing will be 100% paid in full by the client.

Production:Once the physical design sample is approved, production will begin. To start production, especially for orders from new clients and for orders fewer than 150 units per design, a deposit of between 50% and 80% of the total production cost must be paid. Once production is completed and audited, a Shipping Sample will be sent for final approval. With this approval, the remaining balance must be paid to reach 100% of the total production cost. Shipping costs for Shipping Samples are the responsibility of the User/Consumer.

In the event of not having an approval of the Shipping Sample, the required adjustments will be reviewed and compared with the approved design sample for production. If the adjustments are due to defects in raw materials, manufacturing, quality, or any other incident where GAT is responsible, the necessary adjustments will be made in production. If the adjustments compromise the initially approved design, such as changes in materials, changes in measurements of any of the pieces, changes in the garment structure, an additional fee will be charged to accommodate the requested adjustments as they would be outside the initially approved scope.

Raw Materials and Supplies Provided by the User/Consumer:When the User/Consumer provides any input or raw material such as fabrics, labels, tags, etc., they will be reviewed, and any issues found will be notified to the User/Consumer for them to make the respective adjustments.

In the event that an incident is found with an input or raw material provided by the User/Consumer after production is completed, GAT will not be responsible for addressing the issue. It will be the sole responsibility of the User/Consumer.

Reprogramming:When a new production of a design is requested, and the inputs are managed by GAT, there may be a shortage or the inability to obtain the same input. In the event that this occurs, the GAT team will notify the User/Consumer and make the necessary changes to replace the missing inputs or raw materials. This may incur an additional cost for the User/Consumer. At no time can the User/Consumer hold GAT responsible for the shortage of inputs or raw materials.

If a potential reprogramming is required, or a quick response to a reprogramming is needed, it is the responsibility of the User/Consumer to have safety stock that can be managed by GAT. This management may incur additional costs.

Warranty:Warranty refers to addressing requirements arising from quality incidents in a sample or production garment. Once production is delivered, there is a maximum of five (5) business days to request warranty, which includes changes or adjustments to the production garments.

It is the sole responsibility of the User/Consumer to address warranty requirements requested by their clients. In the event that defects or incidents are identified as GAT's responsibility, an adjustment review may be conducted.

8. PAYMENTS AND RETURNSThe payments for each service vary depending on the needs of each User/Consumer and are negotiated with each individual based on the order size.

Design and development services are charged 100% in advance. For orders exceeding 300 units per reference, design and development services may be absorbed, as well as sample development.

All samples, both digital and design samples, are charged 100% in advance.

When logistics depend on GAT, the service is quoted through the digital platforms of transportation operators, and based on this quotation, 100% of the quoted transportation value is requested for it to be effective. If there are remaining funds after the payment, they will be notified to the client, who can request a refund or use them for future work with GAT.

As a general rule, orders of fewer than 150 units per reference are considered small orders and require an advance payment of between 50-80% of the total production cost during production. Once production is completed and Shipping Samples are validated, the remaining payment is required since the total production can only be dispatched when 100% of the production amount has been paid.

None of the service fees are refundable for any reason.

In production, to cancel a production or request refunds of advances, an email must be sent to info@gat.com.co. In the event that purchases of raw materials or supplies have already been made, the evidence (invoices) will be used as support to transfer the raw materials to the User/Consumer as part of the refund. The method for the refund will be agreed upon with each client. Under no circumstances can a refund be guaranteed for 100% of an advance payment.

Logistics: GAT is not a logistics operator, but operates solely as an intermediary between Users/Consumers and cargo service providers. In cases where the User/Consumer requests GAT to handle the logistics operation, the User/Consumer must make a deposit that GAT will estimate in advance. This deposit will be used to cover all logistics expenses for the cargo or samples, and in the event that money is left available, it can be used for future projects between the User/Consumer and GAT.

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