We ease the making of fashion

From trend research, design, and sample creation to production management and logistics anywhere in the world, our services are here to make your job easier. We are a clothing manufacturing company that uses high technology to deliver greater efficiency and value to our customers, at GAT Fashion Lab we are building the future of the fashion industry.

Clothing Manufacturing

With a very flexible MOQ, we are capable of delivering full productions in 30-45 days. We can also handle every aspect of manufacturing from design to logistics.

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Product Development

We turn design ideas into digital and physical garments. Using 3D, we create virtual samples in as little as 8 hours. Finally, you can order physical samples and receive price estimations.

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We make your design ideas come to life

We are specialists in full-package or full-service clothing manufacturing and fashion product development. We can handle every aspect of creating a fashion collection from trend research to manufacturing and logistics. To make it easier for you, we simplify our workflow into just three steps:

1. Tell us all your needs

Visit our Contact Page and let us know what you need. Our team will be in touch as soon as possible to discuss your requirements and set up an exploratory meeting.

2. Samples and Estimations

After receiving your information, we'll tailor our samples and estimations to meet your needs. We'll begin with 3D samples, which we'll send for your review. If preferred, we can also ship physical samples.

3. Manufacturing and logistics

Once approved, we'll source the finest materials and manufacture your garments with care. Our Quality team oversees the process to meet the highest standards. We'll package and deliver wherever you need.

Get to know some of our creations:

Looking to manufacture less than 300 units?

At GAT Fashion Lab, we've combined our fashion industry experience with innovative technology to create Aparel.co, a platform designed to support the needs of independent brands. With Aparel, you can create as few as 24 pieces per design and streamline your entire supply chain from your mobile device.

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