What is Full Package?

Full Package describes the collections development service, which involves processes of trend research, garment design, sample development, raw material supply, production, and production logistics. In other words, you say what you want and the Full Package does everything you need.

It may frequently be confused with a tolling service, which only takes care of garment tailoring. But, although tolling is part of the Full Package process, tolling itself is but a tailoring workshop with multiple operators reproducing a design, whereas Full Package, has designers, pattern makers, engineers, and other professionals within its staff, taking care of running the whole process. To make differences clearer, we wrote this article: Tolling vs Full Package

Our service:

We call our cycle 'The GAT Machine', where we translate an insight or need into high value collections for customers. This is what we do for you:

In GAT Fashion Lab we are a team specialized in Full female fashion Package; we have more than 15 years of experience in fashion industry, we've worked for big brands such as Studio F, Falabella, Didetexco (Grupo Exito), ELA, Tennis, Quest and more.

Our Full Package Services:

Paquete Completo, confección textil, Full Package
Seasonal Full Package (Classic):

We bring forth proposals focused on each client's needs and within the time they request according to their design or sale cycles.

Quick Response, Paquete Completo, Full Package
Quick Response Full Package (QR):

A quick response model where we develop design proposals (samples) within 48 hours as a response to a particular need or requirement.

Full Package, Paquete Completo, Servicios Textiles
Half-full Package:

Rendering of a separate service aside of our work cycle.

* Times for presentations, deliveries, sample developments, and any overall process, are agreed upon with each client as well as costs.

Given our experience, we've developed an operations model which enables us to guarantee any type of process. These are some of the most common processes we feature: trend research, mood boards development, material supply, sample development, cutting, dry cleaner, tailoring, printing, embroidery, quality audits, packaging. We perform based on our clients’ needs, therefore, we may carry out special processes beyond those described above, when needed.

In GAT Fashion Lab we're always open to new challenges. Contact us, and allow us to make your job easier.

To GAT Fashion Lab, the Full Package is a service that goes beyond apparel manufacture or tailoring. Our Full Package Service is carefully carried out and it involves the whole process of creation, production, and collection logistics. We go from trend research and sample design, up to production, packaging, and logistics, having our clients’ needs at the core of our operations.

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What is Full Package?

Full Package describes the collections development service, which involves processes of trend research, garment design, sample developmen...

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