Clothing Factory vs Fashion Full Package Service

The clothing factory have been traditional in the fashion industry particularly for large production quantities. Colombia has achieved a growing reputation and position in the textile industry as an excellent tolling provider in the quality and performance of its delivery times.

By clothing manufacturing or clothing factory, we refer to the service that encompasses much of the apparel production chain. This service consists of the “assemble”, “putting together” or "manufacture” of garments, usually for large production quantities.

Such manufacture may involve various processes or levels of said production chain among which the following stand out:

  • Cutting
  • Tailoring
  • Printing
  • Finishings and completion

It normally varies, according to the needs of each brand, capacity or type of tolling services, and the terms of negotiation.

This clothing manufacturing model is quite useful, particularly for big fashion brands that produce clothing in big quantities. Specially, because this allows them to cut on some costs and have a much lighter operation, i.e.: They don't have to do everything themselves, namely important equipment investments and fixed costs other than those for core business model, which is the sales of clothing to the final customer

Traditionally the clothing manufacturing service presents inconveniences specific of its service model:

  • Lack of quality control
  • Reprocessing caused by such lack of control
  • The clothes factory is fully client-dependent, which generally causes slowdowns and time delays.
  • A high finished product margin.

However, for a few years now, many of the most important fashion brands in the world have begun migrating to the Full Fashion Package Service.

The Full Fashion Package Service is the evolution of the ancient clothing factory. Its main value proposition is to speed up and facilitate the whole chain of creation, development, production, and logistics of fashion collections with the purpose to help big, mid-size, and small fashion brands to maximize their timing and resources, thus improving their margins and reaction time to market needs.

In GAT Fashion Lab we work from processes based on meeting the needs of our clients in a swift, efficient, and proactive manner.  This summary describes the process of our Full Package Service:

  1. Coolhunting
  2. Design
  3. 3D and physical samples development 
  4. Fabric and consumables supply 
  5. Production
  6. Delivery logistics
Full Package vs Clothing Factory

Our process is designed to ease the making of fashion In order to achieve that, we have put together 5 big pillars:

  • Systematic control of all processes to guarantee our deliveries
  • Creative Power: We have a team of experts in different areas of the industry (coolhunting, fashion design, pattern design and apparel development, quality, production processes control.
  • Response time: physical samples within 48 hours
  • Development capacity: More than 120 unique design samples per month
  • Fashion Lab: We make sure to always be a step ahead of the game, to find opportunities and answers for our clients. From Research, innovation, and experimentation.

From GAT Fashion Lab we want to help small, mid-size, and big apparel brands improve their results and facilitate their fashion processes, hence, we developed, a technological platform that allows you to develop from 12 units per reference, since within GAT, we can only take minimum requirements of 300 units per reference.

We feel the great need to help push the textile and fashion industry evolution of our country. If you want to learn more about Full Package, its different features, and our service lines, visit our blog: What is Full Package?

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