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Full Package Clothing Manufacturing: From Ideas to Shipping

Published on
December 19, 2022

Co-founder and CMO of GAT Fashion Lab. With over 15 years of experience in the fashion industry Mauricio leads the Creative and Sales Teams.

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Full package clothing manufacture is a comprehensive service that covers every stage of the clothing production process, from trend research and design to sampling, manufacturing, and shipping. With full package clothing manufacture, you have a single point of contact to handle everything for you, making the fashion-making process easier and more streamlined. Full package clothing manufacturers typically offer a range of services, including design support, fabric sourcing, quality control, and logistics. This can be especially beneficial for small or growing brands, as it allows them to focus on other aspects of their business while leaving the clothing production process to the experts. By working with a full package clothing manufacturer, you can ensure that your garments are produced to the highest standards, delivered on time, and meet your specific needs and requirements.

As a full package clothing manufacturer, GAT Fashion Lab specializes in creating clothing from scratch. Our clothing manufacturing service covers everything from trend research to design, sampling, manufacturing, and shipping the garments as needed (know how it works here). The main advantage of full package manufacturing is that we handle everything for you, making the fashion-making process easier and more streamlined. We have developed a simple workflow to make it even easier for our clients:

The first thing you'll need to do is define what kind of service you want or need, depending on your budget, team, knowledge, and resources. Do you have a clear concept or idea already in mind, along with technical drawings and patterns? Or are you looking for more guidance and support in developing your ideas and designs? We offer two options for our clients:

Comparing the "you design" and "we design" options for working with GAT Fashion Lab's Full Package Clothing Manufacturing Service

Option 1: You Design. In this option, you provide us with a clear concept or idea, along with technical drawings, patterns, or samples. We then begin our design and development process, which we will discuss later. This is the best option for punctual and quick needs.

Option 2: We Design. In this option, you tell us about your audience and brand, and we do all the research to identify trends and opportunities that will bring the best opportunities to you. We provide mood boards, drawings, and photos as examples of what we can offer. Once the ideas are accepted, we move to the development process. This is the best option for creating more profitable collections, as we do everything for you.

Once the initial ideas or needs are clear, we move on to the Design and Development stage. In this stage, we do everything necessary to turn the idea into a replicable and manufacturable garment:

  1. Sourcing: With the design ideas in mind, we source all the necessary raw materials to estimate the final production costs and create physical samples.
  1. 2D Patterns: Our pattern designers draw all the pieces (patterns) needed to make the approved designs a reality, and then scale each piece according to size based on your size chart and needs.
  1. 3D Samples: Using the 2D patterns, our 3D designers input the fabrics' technical data into the 3D software to validate the pattern design and fit. If corrections are needed, we make them and then create the final 3D models to validate color, fabrics, or other ideas. We share the 3D models with you for approval of the final design. At this stage, we have an estimate of fabrics and raw materials consumption.
  1. Physical Samples: Once you approve the 3D samples and all the raw materials are sourced, we sew the physical samples to calculate production time, write the manufacturing guidelines, and deliver the physical and replicable version of your idea for approval before bulk production.
Sketch, 3D model and physical sample of a fashion blouse made by GAT Fashion Lab under the Full Package Clothing Manufacturing service
Sketch to 3D model to Physical Sample.

One of the main advantages of using 3D design and prototyping in the design and development stage is the speed and efficiency it provides. With 3D design software, we can create virtual prototypes of your clothing designs, allowing you to see how they will look before committing to a full production run. This can save you time and money by reducing the need for physical prototypes and allowing you to make changes to your designs more easily. 

If you want to learn more about our sample development process and how we use 3D technology to make it faster than other clothing manufacturers, check out this blog.

Once you approve the physical sample, we move on to the Manufacturing Stage. The first step is to source all the raw materials in the quantities needed for your production. We work with a network of reliable suppliers to ensure that we have access to high-quality materials at competitive prices. Once the materials arrive, we inspect every inch of fabric and move it to the next stage. We cut all the pieces using state-of-the-art cutting equipment to ensure precision and efficiency. Then, we move the cut pieces to the sewing workshops with the samples and guidelines needed to ensure the best quality.

At GAT Fashion Lab, we have a team of skilled and experienced sewers who are experts in their craft. They work closely with our Quality Assurance team to ensure that every garment meets our high standards for quality and craftsmanship. Our sewers are also trained in a variety of different sewing techniques, including flatlock, coverstitch, and chainstitch, to ensure that we can handle any type of garment production.

Once the garments are finished, our Quality Assurance team inspects each garment individually to catch any mistakes or defects. We have strict quality control measures in place to ensure that every garment meets our high standards. If a garment doesn't meet our standards, it is either repaired or discarded to ensure that our clients only receive the best quality products.

Once the production is approved, our Logistics Team takes over. They package and label the garments according to your specifications and arrange for them to be shipped to your desired location. We have a variety of shipping options available to ensure that your garments are delivered in a timely and cost-effective manner.

As you can see, GAT Fashion Lab is a full package clothing manufacturer that covers every step of the clothing production process. From design and development to manufacturing and logistics, we handle it all to make the fashion-making process easier for our clients. If you're interested in working with us or have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out. We would be happy to help you bring your clothing ideas to life.

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