‍Garment Claims or Returns Policy

The garment claims or returns policy establishes the conditions and procedures to be followed to make a claim or request a refund for purchased products.

The customer has a period of forty-five (45) days from the receipt of the order to request the return or make a claim for garments that do not meet the requirements approved by the customer or that have any defects. The customer will send an email to reclamaciones@gat.com.co indicating the Invoice number, Reference, Color, Size, and quantity, as well as the reason for the claim and videos or images of the same. GAT FASHION LAB will contact the customer to confirm the return and provide instructions for shipping if applicable. The customer must pack the garments according to the instructions and send them using the Courier Company and address provided by GAT FASHION LAB. Once the garments are received, GAT FASHION LAB will proceed with the physical verification of the garments to confirm their condition and verify that the claim complies with the policy. Following confirmation by the quality team at GAT FASHION LAB, the corresponding refund or credit note will be processed within fifteen (15) business days, if indeed the claim is deemed valid. When the claim involves reprocessing of the garments, the return time will be determined by the production processes involved.

GAT FASHION LAB reserves the right to reject returns that do not comply with the established conditions or that are requested outside the indicated period.

Claim Conditions:


a. GAT FASHION LAB will be responsible for claims regarding garments that DO NOT MEET the measurements and quality requirements approved by the customer in the sample processes, both physical and 3D, or prior approvals to production.

i. If GAT FASHION LAB informs the customer that their requirement may have quality repercussions on the product and the customer approves production, GAT FASHION LAB is not responsible for any quality problems that may arise, and therefore no claim will be processed.

b. Claims will NOT be accepted by GAT FASHION LAB when they arise from the misuse of the garments by the user.


a. The maximum period to file a claim is forty-five (45) days; once this period has elapsed, GAT FASHION LAB is not responsible for any claims.

b. The response to the claim by the quality team has a deadline of fifteen (15) business days.

c. Once the quality team at GAT FASHION LAB issues a response, any refunds, if applicable, will take a maximum of fifteen (15) business days.

d. When the claim involves reprocessing of the garments, delivery or response times will be determined by the production processes involved.


a. The customer must inform via email to the address reclamaciones@gat.com.co the reasons for the claim including supporting images and/or videos.

b. They must provide the Invoice, Reference, Color, Size, quantity, and Claim.


a. GAT FASHION LAB is responsible for shipping costs if the quality team approves the claim. If not, shipping will be the responsibility of the customer.

b. The customer must make returns using the Courier Company indicated by GAT FASHION LAB. If they use a different company than the one indicated, or do not follow the instructions given, GAT FASHION LAB is not responsible for either the garments or the shipping costs.

c. The customer must send the garments separately by Reference, size, and color with a document that lists the quantity of each.


a. Claims for failure to meet delivery times will be subject to lack of information from GAT FASHION LAB.

b. In cases where GAT FASHION LAB has previously informed date changes due to issues in the production process (Force Majeure), GAT FASHION LAB is not responsible for claims.

c. If the delays are the responsibility of the customer, GAT FASHION LAB is not responsible for failure to meet claims.

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